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Setup Instructions

  • Install using Extension Manager
  • Add an instance of the module to any pane (location does not matter).
  • Open up the setting window
  • Under the Module Settings tab, click to add the module to all pages (optional but recommended).
  • Under the Message Center Alerts Settings Tab, configure to your liking

Message Center Alerts Settings

Enable Popup For Messages - Default: Enable
When enabled, the popup will be displayed whenever a new message is detected in the users inbox.

Enable Popup For Notifications - Default: Enable
When enabled, the popup window will be displayed whenever a new notification is detected for the user.

Enable Update of Users Control - Default: Enable
When enabled, the new Message/Notification counts in the DotNetNuke Users control will be updated by the Message Center Alerts module. Note that if you alter the HTML structure of the Users control, this option may not work properly.

Seconds Until Initial Display - Default: 1.0
Determines how long to wait after the page has been rendered before displaying the alert popup if the user has new items waiting.

Seconds Between Checks - Default: 10.0, Minimum: 1.0
Determines how long to wait between check for new items.

Seconds to Display - Default: 7.0, Minimum: 2.0
Determines how long the popup will be displayed before it auto closes. Note that the auto-close is canceled when/if the user mouses over the popup and resumes when the users mouses out.

Effect - Default: 'Slide'
Determines the effect that will be applied with the popup appears. Options are 'Slide', 'Fade' or 'None'

Effect Duration - Default: 0.5
The time it takes the slide or fade animations to complete.


The look and feel can be adjusted by editing module.css and/or editing alerts.ascx. If you do modify alerts.ascx, take care not to change/remove any of the data-bind attributes.

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